The journey of FreeSSL

FreeSSL: Your cost-free protection against hackers!

The internet is a dangerous place, but we’re fighting the growing number of online criminals by offering free website protection for your sites’ end-to-end user data.

While we’re working on making free SSL a reality, we’re giving you a free one-month SSL/TLS trial and a free vulnerability assessment so you can get a head start on securing your website.

What does website security do?

  • SSL/TLS encrypts communication between your website’s users and its servers, preventing criminals from accessing personal details such as names, addresses, and credit card numbers.
  • Malware scans and vulnerability assessments add an extra layer of protection by identifying weak spots in your website’s code. This helps guard data while it’s stored on your website’s server.

If you’re new to SSL/TLS, HTTPS, and website security and want to discover more about threats and solutions, you can download free reports from Symantec, as well as a free ebook, Website Security for Dummies.

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