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Are you a nonprofit or startup? Symantec wants to secure your website.

It's in the news almost daily: cybercriminals target organizations that lack offensive resources, such as nonprofits and startups. Case in point, a data breach at the Utah Food Bank exposed over 10,000 donors' personal and financial information including their names and (unfortunately) credit card information. As a nonprofit or startup, maintaining your online trust is paramount. Any organization that accepts online transactions have an interesting problem to solve: can you keep your customers secure while staying within a tight budget? The answer is yes. Today, Symantec is donating website security solutions to nonprofits and startups because we know proper security solutions can be costly.

It's imperative that you secure your online presence. Luckily, Certificate Authorities (CAs) are working round-the-clock to invent new solutions to keep you safe on the Internet. Recently, Symantec introduced Encryption Everywhere, which lets hosting companies offer hassle-free SSL/TLS certificates, making it even easier to secure online transactions. However, SSL/TLS only protects communication between servers and clients. You still need to ensure other aspects of your websites are safe. To secure all aspects of your website, you need a security package that includes malware scans and vulnerability assessments, both of which are provided with Symantec's EV package.

Symantec's EV package is free for nonprofits and startups. To enroll, go to Good Karma and choose the security package that meets your business needs. Not sure if your website is secure? Check it and find out.

CAs, like Symantec, work tirelessly to bring you complete security packages that meet your needs. Learn more about Symantec's EV package and how you can protect your online presence.

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